Maximize Your K9 Fitness Potential with the CSCC Program

This week, Jess and Scott are joined once again by their friend and one of the leading international canine fitness experts, Bobbie Lyons. The North Carolina State University accredited program Canine Strength and Conditioning Coaching (CSCC) is explained in detail throughout this entire episode by the program director herself. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Who does Bobbie feel this program can serve? 
  • How can canine fitness play a role in pet dog training? 
  • Why is focusing on fitness and more specifically prehab so important for every canine athlete?


To find out more information about the CSCC program, click on the following link:

If you’re looking for additional information about Bobbie or her program offerings, head on over to:

Full CSCC Press Release:

Listen or Watch:


 To see The Quirky Dog's FIRST EPISODE EVER over 150 episodes ago with Bobbie Lyons as our inaugural guest:

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